Track and Field

Track and Field

what are common about these sports other than being a target of cuts by the U of MN?

They all have more equal footing for both boys and girls, and men and women.
Sometimes with these sports they may practice and meet/match/race together.
They have a large number of participants.

Unfortunately not quite as profitable / money making (not entirely because of the sport itself)

I particularly like track and field since I am a long distance runner.
Track and Field and Tennis can be life time sports.

using mental health workers

I am against using "mental health workers" for emergency calls.
Although I am for reforming police in the state, I am against using mental health workers because they are part of the problem.
They are abusive verbally, physically, financially, and push medication.
They also assume problems that don't exist.

Situation in Twin Cities

I am saddened to see what has happened in the Twin Cities over the past week. I am writing this as an outsider looking in, although I have visited Minneapolis and Saint Paul on better days

Like most other people, do not like and was saddened by what had happened to George Floyd while in police custody. Nor did I like seeing the riots wrecking parts of the communities that damage has already been done as far as years of disparities, there are now more disparities for those since they not only have to build more trust and fairness but have to physically rebuild as well.

My thoughts on traffic and lighting -reducing pollution

I think people need to do what they can to stop disease and prevent outbreaks.

However I see, in reaction to some closures there has not been much reduction in vehicle traffic because of the allowing of drive throughs, deliveries, and even adding some. Thus pollution does not go down. Much of air pollution is caused by motor vehicles in Minnesota.

Maybe as it warms up more people will stay outside of their motor vehicles.

No new parking please

This my own view.
At one time there may have been areas where it was difficult to find parking in Brainerd MN, however there is plenty of parking both on and off street at most places
I am totally against new parking (on or off street) in Brainerd, Baxter, and most other places.

Lincoln School

I went to school in another district when younger so all Lincoln School in Brainerd looks like to me is a building that is blighted, poor accessibility, and too expensive to maintain. I use to go there to vote, but the building isn't even suitable for that, elections were moved away years ago. It definitely isn't suitable for housing, from what I learned as a former Brainerd housing commissioner (unless torn down and new housing built in place).

calling on Shutting down locked hospitals, end commitments, end guardianships

November 2015
Recently there has been many articles dehumanizing patients and people deemed with mental illness, over acceptance of bad science, and overlooking the rights of everyone.
Brainerd/Baxter currently has at least 3 locked medical facilities. One on state ave in Brainerd and one in Baxter on Grand Oaks run by the State of Minnesota.
The other is at Essentia Health St Joseph's Medical Center in Brainerd.


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