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Brainerd Minnesota Lakes area is a regional shopping, industrial, and tourism center. There are many nearby resorts that take advantage of the many nearby lakes including Gull Lake. The Mississippi River flows right through Brainerd with five road/highway bridges and one railroad bridge crossing it. There is also the Paul Bunyan Trail, a bowling alley in Brainerd, Movie theater in Baxter, Amusement Parks in area. Brainerd is also home to one of the Central Lakes College campuses. More in General Info and Business Directory.

Earlier Snow

at 11:42 am snow was reducing visibility to less than .5 miles in Brainerd MN near Missippippi river on Saturday May 9 2020

snow at 11:43 laurel st bridge can be seen but not Washinton st bridge

Lakes Area Community Garden

The community garden near Kiwanis Park in Brainerd is happening this year. However gardeners will only be able to work on their garden every other day. It is going by even and odd days with the corresponding plot numbers(even, odd) (by first plot number if someone has 2 plots)

City staff want the garden to be filled / rented up as much as possible so plots are taken care of to minimize extra maintenance.

Over 100 to leave Brainerd Public Schools

There are 91 staff lay offs and 12 separations listed in staffing changes for approval at Wednesday's School Board meeting.
They may rehire when able to. A majority of these are related to not being able to collect fees related to services shut down by governor's orders due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

Disclosure: I have one of the part-time jobs listed in the 91 staff lay-offs.

Update: the driver's education instructors had been recalled back to their jobs.
Fun n' Friends summer program is anticipated to start early June, pending approval from school board.
Fun n' Friends reopened June 2 but did not hire all staff back.

water ice drops

On Friday April 3 2020 12:30pm there were ice drops on the playground equipment at Riverside elementary Brainerd MN.
It also froze up my bike locks.

Ice drops
ice drops


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