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scheduled date time:
Monday, December 18, 2017 - 7:30pm

Regular meeting time. Does not meet if there is a holiday.

Brainerd City Hall
501 Laurel St

Brainerd Minnesota Lakes area is a regional shopping, industrial, and tourism center. There are many nearby resorts that take advantage of the many nearby lakes including Gull Lake. The Mississippi River flows right through Brainerd with five road/highway bridges and one railroad bridge crossing it. There is also the Paul Bunyan Trail, a bowling alley in Brainerd, Movie theater in Baxter, Amusement Parks in area. Brainerd is also home to one of the Central Lakes College campuses. More in General Info and Business Directory.

Spring Road Safety Information

from the Crow Wing County Highway Department
March 11, 2016
With warmer temperatures forecasted spring may unofficially be here. Spring can bring new unexpected hazards to roadways. Soft spots, potholes, motorcycles, bicyclists, animals and even people are now more noticeable.
Soft spots happen expectantly when the frost begins to soften up the soil beneath the road. The softening can create humps, dips, lead to potholes or even roadway blow outs. Please try to avoid hitting these areas by being aware of these conditions and drive at safe speeds.

Gregory park skating party photos

working on getting Permission from parents to publish photo before posting or emailing some photos. I may be able to email the photo to the parent if I get permission from them as well.
over 100 people (count was 108) attended the ice rink that day.
Mike P. started this party over 50 years ago (51st party in 2016) using his own money. He works with young people learning to skate. Now Brainerd parks and recreation is also a sponsor of this event among others.

Mike ice skating
ice skaters
Jenny and Mike working on ice skate barrowing
warming house decorations
warming house decorations
warming house decorations
warming house decorations
warming house decorations
warming house decorations

Minnesota Solar Jobs doubled in 2 years

February 10, 2016
News release from Minnesota Department of commerce

"Minnesota solar jobs more than doubled in past two years, with bright future ahead for state’s solar industry"

"SAINT PAUL – The number of solar jobs in Minnesota more than doubled during th
e past two years and, thanks to solar-friendly state and federal policies, the job surge is expected to continue, according to the Minnesota Solar Jobs Census.


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